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An affordable luxury candle company which is a play on words that stems from a long line of play on words. Nicknames given to Courtney throughout her school career, church and work life. Courtney’s last name has always made room to start a good conversation, always an eye lifter and of course cute/flirty banter. Now we make room in our homes for affordable luxury candles.

NOT SO BRIGHT, candles stems from her love of candles and candle making.

Courtney D Bright


Courtney D. Bright, is a multifaceted entrepreneur and marketing expert, she is the brains behind Not So Bright, a distinguished candle company renowned for its inventive scents. By day, she navigates the realms of marketing, orchestrating strategies for Fortune 500 companies and sealing lucrative deals. However, as the sun sets, Courtney channels her creative energies into crafting her distinct candles, aiming to infuse spaces with warmth and vitality while banishing unwelcome odors.

Originally hailing from Philadelphia, Courtney has entrenched herself in the vibrant tapestry of Los Angeles for the past nine years. In this bustling metropolis, she has not only thrived professionally but also woven herself into the fabric of the local culture and community. Beyond her entrepreneurial pursuits, Courtney finds solace in the pages of books, the winding trails of hiking paths, and the pulsating energy of concerts and sporting events.

Yet, amidst her bustling schedule, Courtney remains dedicated to philanthropy, serving as an active member of Big Brother Big Sister LA for the past five years. Through her involvement, she has left an indelible mark, embodying the essence of altruism and community engagement.

With an unwavering passion for crafting innovative scents and a steadfast commitment to societal betterment, Courtney stands as an exemplar of inspiration, illuminating the path for those around her.

Any candle in the dark is guiding light